MudPies R the Answer !

Free Lance Museum Educator, Visiting Artist, Artist-in-Residence,

Lectures, Demonstrations and Workshop Leader, 

Coordinator of Community Projects for Permanent Installation

Now available:  Single-session, hour-long, semi-private art workshops

for families

in Syma’s Brooklyn studio. REGISTER HERE

Coming soon: Small group art-making workshops for adults

“A professional potter, Syma has taught at least one program each week for Family Programs over the past fiscal year. She is welcoming, patient, riveting to families, and seems truly joyful in teaching…. [I] was impressed by the polish of her teaching and the organization of her program….”

Dr. Michael Norris

former Associate Museum Educator/ Family Programs, Metropolitan Museum of Art

When children make mud pies, they are completely focused on their play-full process... giving wings to their imagination. At any age, when we are fully engaged in looking at art, or making art, we can expand our creative thinking and find quiet, centering spots in our busy lives.

To discuss a custom workshop or demo designed for your program or special event, Contact Syma


Syma © 2017

British Museum: Pottery Workshop during ‘Treasures of Ancient Sudan’

Asia Society: Printmaking Workshop for Norouz Family Day Celebration

MAD Museum: Studio Residency - Working and Interacting with Visitors

Middle School, Cohasset, MA: Visiting Artist Project.

Students with Permanently Installed Hand-made Ceramic Tile Panels

Boston School: Visiting Artist Ceramic Mask-Tiles Made by Students and Teachers

Set into Cement Figures - Permanent Installation for Exterior

Metropolitan Museum of Art:

‘Start With Art’  Family Program